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Nissan Dealer Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Nissan proudly serves Santa Monica, Inglewood, and Culver City and offers many automotive products and services to our Los Angeles area customers. From quality new Nissan vehicles to used cars, we know anyone looking for a vehicle in Los Angeles will likely find what they want at our dealership. We carry a comprehensive line of new 2013 Nissan vehicles, including the Altima, Versa, Murano, Sentra, Cube, GT-R and 370Z, making us a good choice as your Los Angeles Nissan car dealer.

Our services include trusted Nissan car repair, original Nissan parts, and financing to help our customers purchase the car of their dreams.

Learn Why a Hot Rod Can Be as Practical as an SUV

The hot rod is a vehicle designed for a large engine capacity, like the majority of modern supercars. Those two makes of vehicle seem out of the reach for most people, but a sport utility vehicle or a fancy car might be suitable. They might not be supercars, nevertheless they can still make driving appear to be the luxury it once was. However, if you are buying a new car, this might make sense to obtain the supercar or the hotrod another look.

1) Greater Power on the cheap
The supercar is designed to be a powerful and practical car that’s able to provide great horsepower on command. One of the most practical reasons so you can get a hot rod or possibly a supercar is that they have this extremely powerful engine which can manage virtually any road, both freeway and dirt track, without complaining over it. In addition, the engine is also designed to be fuel efficient in many instances, which again causes it to be more practical than an SUV, notorious since they are for being gas-hungry.

2) Great Space
Supercars are naturally bigger than their family-car relatives, and this makes them an operating buy for anyone who needs extra cargo room. Another highlight is plenty of leg room, which can be an issue with sports utility vehicles. Hot Rods, too, can also be likely to be able to provide greater space for bits and bobs. Although you most likely are not able to fit a sofa in there, you have to be able to get something good from it. This extra cargo space could possibly be equaled by some SUVs or even the Alhambra Nissan, but most are merely too ‘family friendly’ to get any real, practical space.

3) Great acceleration
Whatever you won’t receive from an SUV which most hot rods can provide you with is superb acceleration. Having the ability to go from 0 to 60 in some seconds might not be practical from the city, obviously, but they will go pretty fast at the lights, plus it means without having to wait even though the car gets itself started. Most SUVs suffer the same old fuel pump problems as city cars, meaning that they not have the acceleration of the old vehicles.

4) Strong Body
One additional reason why the rod is much more practical than most family cars is its strength and durability. Most modern supercars are created to ensure that they won’t fall to pieces when you get into a car accident, and they certainly won’t crumple up into nothing. Actually, when it comes to safety, the GT array of hotrods has an excellent safety rating, with 5 stars due to the crash test. Moreover, the car’s toughness also makes it much simpler to maintain and repair, unlike some sports utility vehicles which are more planning to crumple than protect the passengers.

5) Lack of Flipping
Before, one thing which troubled drivers of supercars and hot rods is the tendency turnover around whenever they were being driven. Even though this was mainly a characteristic of the exotic models, and not something that American supercar drivers was required to worry about, in many cases the vehicle must be driven slowly to avoid being in a bush. Modern supercars available from Alhambra Nissan dealers have improved their safety standards so they really are no longer bucking broncos in terms of safety. Instead, these vehicles are way easier to control.